• Business Gathering
Q: I am a huge cyber security conference that run every year in three places:
   San Francisco, Singapore and Lately AbuDhabi. Who am I ? No spaces in answering
A: RSAConference
  • Hackers Gathering
Q: I am a cyber security conference that run in August every year in Las Vegas.
   I am the largest gathering for Hackers in the whole world. No Credit cards,
   no online booking , Only Cash allowed . Who am I ?
A: defcon
  • Founder
Q: I have founded two of the most famous Cyber Security conferences across the
   globe in Las Vegas, USA. I am not The Dark Knight. I am The DarK--------?
A: Tangent
  • Back to History
Q: am the First Computer Virus ever known . You will find me in your head.
   My name is ……..?
A: Brain
  • Contribute
Q: I am an Organization that releases the Top 10 Vulnerabilities in Application Security.
   I am ……?
  • Greeks
Q: The art of hiding messages or information inside other image / text or data
A: steganography
  • Robot
Q: A group or network of machines that are controlled by an attacker to do a certain task
A: bot
  • Japanese Warrior
Q: I am a linux distrubition with two versions one for Web Penetration Testing
   and the other for attacking smart grids. What is my smart grid distribution name ?
A: samuraistfu
  • Close Look
Q: I am a linux distribution that has many tricks to do packet and traffic analysis.
   Who am I ?
A: Packetrix
  • Pay Me
Q: I will lock your machine screen or files till you pay me. Who am i ?
A: ransomware
  • Trend Micro Conf
Q: Periodic Conference in many cities hosted by Trend Micro
A: cloudsec
  • Crash
Q: enter a lot of random trash till the application crash
  • Scan
Q: One of the famous, free port scanner. Who am i ?
A: nmap
  • Capture
Q: Network analysis tool used to captured packets and present it in readable format
A: wireshark